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In today’s business environment it is vital that organisations strive to achieve the highest possible standards in health and safety, acting both ethically and sustainably to attain responsible growth.

These efforts are not confined to their own internal practices. Businesses need to think about their supply chains too. It’s important that they manage any risks, consider any vulnerabilities and minimise any disruptions.

Within supply chains, risks are numerous, complex and often hidden. Preparing for and considering every eventuality is key. When things go wrong, it becomes a problem for all those involved, and the impact can be serious and long-lasting.

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What causes supply chain challenges?

  • A lack of formal processes for onboarding and managing suppliers
  • One-off supplier checks, and infrequent audits
  • An over-reliance on traditional verification schemes, which lack real-time data, flexibility and integration with other systems
  • Tricky to monitor and track supplier management objectives
  • A lack of visibility of supplier data
  • Difficult to demonstrate and evidence standards and control

How do these challenges negatively impact a business?

  • It causes considerable stress and frustration, with constant concern about a potential incident
  • It can be difficult to win new business tenders without being able to demonstrate a resilient supply chain
  • It can mean supply chain management and procurement goals can’t be achieved
  • It can trigger poor supplier relations and hinder productivity

How does Prosure360 solve these challenges?

  • It provides full visibility of contractors and suppliers through real-time data
  • It offers a market standard to clearly demonstrate an organisation has full control over their operation risks within their supply chain
  • It delivers data-driven insights enabling better business decisions
  • It provides peace-of-mind with the knowledge that suppliers meet the required standards
  • It can be tailored to specific needs, allowing bespoke assessment criteria to be created, facilitating greater flexibility

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