A next generation contractor and supplier risk management platform

If your organisation works with suppliers and contractors, your supply chain is critical. But how do you know your safety and ethical standards are being met? Prosure360 is designed to give you full visibility over the contractors and suppliers you work with.



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Why Prosure360?

“Above everything, we prioritise our technology first, ensuring functionality, ease-of-use, and innovation.  We wanted to create a single source of truth.  No matter what you want to ask your supply chain about, you can configure the Prosure360 platform to your specific requirements.”

Rob Mead, Managing Director


We are not going to tell you that all your contractors and suppliers need to be SSIP verified. The questions we ask, resulting in the data we collate, are completely customisable to you. This data is then all live tracked.


You will be supported with your contractor and supplier due diligence by our friendly, experienced team of industry experts.


You will view live data via this single source of truth by managing data such as ESG, Sustainability, Health and Safety, Compliance and Modern Slavery records.

Reducing risk

Having access to real-time data on your contractors and suppliers means you can make informed choices on who you use, factoring in their insurance status, financial health, certification and more.



Who Do We Help?


Hiring Clients

Does this sound familiar

✔ Do you use disparate systems?
✔ Do you have a lack of visibility into your Contractors and Suppliers?
✔ Inability to communicate about your Contractors and Suppliers to key stakeholders?
✔ Are you aware of the financial risk of your Contractors and Suppliers?
✔ Have you got one supply chain management process in place for UK and another for rest of the world?

Bring everything into one system, with real-time data as a single source of truth, with Prosure360.

Talk to one of our expert team, here to help you.

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Contractor and Suppliers

Showcasing your capabilities

Does this sound like you? Do you want to;

✔ Become a safe and sustainable contractor
✔ Find new business opportunities
✔ Increase efficiency
✔ Stay competitive in the market
✔ Access free resources to support you business growth, sustainability and compliance

In addition to this, being a registered member on Prosure360 means you will become searchable by our ever expanding list of clients looking for businesses like yours.

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What could Prosure360 do for you?

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Prosure360 Features

How do we do this?

Through our software we give our clients the information they need on their contractors and suppliers, in order to make informed choices.

This means that via Prosure360, our clients have all data hosted in one place, no disapparate systems, making it a single source of truth that’s easy to access.

Flexible approaches to verification

Our view on verification is that it is not a generic, catch all process.  We provide a bespoke and focussed approach based on each organisations needs

Modern data platforms

We operate our platform full of rich data and insights.

Integrations to enhance function

Prosure360 has the capability to integrate into other solutions to improve processes, both within our divisional brands and other 3rd party applications.



Hear from AS Watson

AS Watson Group is the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer by number of stores, with over 16,400 stores in 28 markets, primarily in Asia and Europe.

“The system provides us with confidence getting the right contractor to the right job, with the right competencies that the job will be undertaken safety. The system is incredibly easy to use…with live data that we can review at any time.” – Daryll Parker – Head of Health Safety and Facilities Management



Prosure360 In Action

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News & Insights

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