Prosure360 for suppliers

In today’s business environment it's vital that organisations strive to achieve the highest possible standards in health and safety, acting both ethically and sustainably to attain responsible growth.

These efforts are not confined to their own internal practices, businesses need to think about their supply chains too. It’s important that they manage any risks, consider any vulnerabilities and minimise any disruptions.

Within supply chains, risks are numerous, complex and often hidden. Preparing for and considering every eventuality is key. When things go wrong, it becomes a problem for all those involved, and the impact can be serious and long-lasting.

What causes supply chain challenges?

  • Inconsistent processes for onboarding and managing suppliers, with ineffective questions which fail to collect vital and relevant information
  • One-off supplier checks, infrequent audits
  • An over-reliance on traditional verification schemes, which lack real-time data, flexibility and integration with other systems
  • A lack of visibility of supplier data, which means questions and requests are often repeated unnecessarily
  • No single view leads to more work for suppliers to demonstrate they meet the required standards

How do these challenges negatively impact a supplier?

  • It causes considerable stress, frustration and cost to collect pre-qualification documents
  • It can be difficult to win new business tenders if competitors can demonstrate the standards they are working towards, and their risk management processes more effectively
  • It can put business reputation at risk if it is not possible to show a real commitment to quality, standards and processes
  • It can trigger poor supplier relations and hinder productivity
  • A lack of sufficient vetting and management can increase the risk of incidents, potentially seriously harming people and damaging suppliers and their reputation

How does Prosure360 solve these challenges?

  • It offers clients access to and an assessment of suppliers, including Prequalification & SSIP assessments
  • Everything can be accessed online, simplifying the demands on you
  • Being approved and listed on Prosure 360 clearly demonstrates a commitment to standards and quality methods of working
  • Clients will get access to real time data to improve monitoring of supply chain risks, allocating work to those suppliers that meet the standards required.
  • It can be tailored by clients to create bespoke assessment criteria, meaning the questions you answer are more relevant
  • Ultimately, verification on Prosure360 will allow you to win more business through demonstrating your commitment to standards