Supplier Management Software: Unlock Success with Prosure360

Our supply chain management software, Prosure360, is the ultimate solution for taking control of your supply chain. With advanced technology and a range of unique features, Prosure360 is the master of supplier relationship management.

In the next month, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be launching a brand-new website. Before we explain why, we’ll uncover the power of supplier management and how Prosure360 is a great software solution.


What is supplier management?

supplier-managementAs the name suggests, supplier management is the process of monitoring the performance and capabilities of your suppliers and contractors. All businesses are reliant on their suppliers to deliver a high-quality service. This is especially important in protecting brand reputations and ensuring compliance across the board.

Choosing the right suppliers ensures that your business saves time, boosts efficiency, and reduces risk. Although selecting suppliers can be time-consuming, it’s essential for maintaining the integrity and reputation of your business.

In a LinkedIn poll we recently carried out, 90% of respondents claimed to have felt a negative impact on their business because of a supplier or contractor’s actions.

If you don’t have a strong selection process, you might end up hiring suppliers who are untrustworthy—these suppliers may not align with your business values and goals. That’s why supply chain management software (SCMS) is a great tool for ensuring consistent supplier quality.


What is supplier management software?

Supplier management software has a wealth of benefits which can help you with the supplier selection process. With real-time data and insights, this software allows you to reduce the burden of quality checking your suppliers and contractors.

By gathering relevant data regarding your suppliers, SCM software can highlight the financial health of your service providers, as well as their qualifications and experience. Ultimately, it allows your business to make an informed choice about who you work with.


What is Prosure360?

Prosure360 is a cloud-based supply chain management software, designed to give you full visibility of your contractors and suppliers. Our advanced platform allows you to store all your core supply chain documentation in one place. This means you can keep track of and report on goals relating to ESG, supplier performance, and more. But what makes Prosure360 different from other SCM software providers?


What makes Prosure360 unique?

Numerous factors set Prosure360 apart from the crowd, including:


Our Partnerships.

Firstly, our supply chain management platform is intuitive and easy-to-use, meaning there is no need for complex training.  We’re also supported by a network of established partners who offer valuable resources for safety training and compliance management.


Our Tech.

Unlike many of our competitors, we built Prosure360 ourselves. As owners of this intelligent software, we’re able to take on client feedback and put it into action. If there is ever a technical glitch in the system, our development team are able to fix it quickly and effectively. With an incredible tech team behind us, we are always improving the software, ensuring it evolves to meet everchanging client needs.


ssip-assessmentsOur SSIP Assessments.

The SSIP certification is not just a piece of paper, it allows you to easily evidence your health and safety credentials. Prosure360 provides SSIP assessments which we’ve now extended to include Republic of Ireland Duty Holder Categories. Only a handful of SSIP approved providers can offer this, so Prosure360 is unique because it can deliver the SSIP, specific to the IE market.


Our Bespoke Question Sets.

In Prosure360, you can set bespoke questions with our pre-qualified assessment, set around the SSIP core criteria. This gives you the background knowledge needed to make an informed choice about the suppliers and contractors work with. We build these bespoke questions into Prosure360 platform by understanding what’s important to your business. This ensures that all your suppliers and contractors meet your specific business requirements and standards.


Our Real-Time Data.

With real time data at your fingertips, you can easily monitor the overall performance of your supply chain. This allows businesses to access relevant supplier information that’s accurate and up to date. Essentially, real time data gives you total visibility of your suppliers’ insurances, professional memberships, and financial status; this also makes it easy to monitor and report on supplier performance.


Our Red Flag Alert System.

In Prosure360, we use a red flag alert system, giving your suppliers a risk score of gold, silver, bronze, or amber. Gold suppliers are extremely low risk, meaning they are reliable and qualified.  On the other end of the spectrum, amber suppliers are relatively high risk and may not be the best fit for your business. This allows you to see your service providers’ performance and empowers you to make an educated choice about whether to work with them or not.


What is next for Prosure360?

supplier-management-softwareWe’re thrilled to announce that there are some exciting changes on the horizon for Prosure360. After reviewing our current site, we’ve decided to launch a fresh, new website. Given the innovative nature of our tech, we want our website to reflect our modern approach to supply chain management.

Although our current website is perfectly functional, we realised that it was looking a little outdated. That’s why we are giving it a contemporary remodel, aiming to improve the design and functionality of the site.

This revamp will enhance user experience and improve the overall appearance and quality of the website. In the world of supply chain management software, technology is king. So, we want every aspect of our brand to reflect the uniqueness and advanced capabilities of the Prosure360 software.

SCM software is always changing and evolving, so keeping up with technological advancements and developing our brand is a vital part of what we do. To stay in the loop with recent changes, sign up to the Prosure360 LinkedIn newsletter and be the first to hear about the latest developments.


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