Top 5 Supply Chain Challenges in Commercial Print

Top 5 Supply Chain Challenges in Commercial Print


The world of commercial print manufacturing is fast-paced and dynamic—and, as with many other industries, it faces several supply chain challenges.

This industry is vast and complex, with huge supply chains that often experience shipping delays and material shortages, such as paper and ink. So, how can businesses within the commercial print sector overcome these supply chain challenges?

In this article, we’ll identify the top 5 supply chain challenges for the commercial print industry and how supply chain software can provide an effective solution.

Here’s a list of the key topics we cover:



The Current Landscape of the Print Manufacturing Industry


commercial-print-supply-chain-challengesBefore diving into the challenges, it’s essential to understand the state of the print manufacturing industry, as it stands today. Within this diverse sector, there are a wide range of products produced such as packaging, magazines, catalogues, and other printed materials.

COVID-19 had a huge impact on the commercial print industry, given that many offices were shut down and people were forced to work from home. However, since the return to office working, there has been an increasingly high demand which can prove challenging with regards to the supply chain.

The UK printing industry market size was estimated at £9.9bn in 2022, having increased 4.3% since the previous year. This growth is indicative of the industry’s resilience and adaptability in the face of a rapidly changing commercial landscape. While the sector is flourishing from an economic standpoint, it has presented some key supply chain challenges. It is therefore vital to understand the pivotal role that supply chain management plays in sustaining this growth and meeting consumer demand.


The Top 5 Supply Chain Challenges in Print Manufacturing


If your business is part of the commercial print sector, you’ll most likely have come across some of these key supply chain challenges, at one time or another. But what is the most effective way to mitigate these risks?


Raw Material Procurement


Sourcing a variety of materials, from paper and ink to specialised substrates can be difficult—particularly in finding compliant and reliable suppliers who can deliver on time. Variations in price and quality mean that your business must carefully select providers who can meet your standards and requirements.


How can supply chain software help overcome this challenge?


Supply chain software, such as Prosure360, can automate procurement, better manage supplier relationships, and optimise sourcing for cost and quality. With the support of this revolutionary technology, you’ll be able to streamline supply chain management and ensure that suppliers and contractors meet your requirements.

Just-In-Time Production



The print industry often operates on a just-in-time production model. Essentially, this means that businesses within this sector produce an exact number of products at the specific time their customers require it.

This can present problems when there is an unexpectedly high demand for a product, like the post pandemic boom within the commercial print industry. This requires precise coordination and reliable supply chain management to keep up with consumer demand.


How can supply chain software help overcome this challenge?


Real-time insights and automated scheduling in supply chain management software ensure that materials are readily available from your approved list of contractors and suppliers. This reduces the risk of supply chain disruptions as well as minimising production delays.


Quality Control


Commercial print businesses often have large clients in marketing, healthcare, finance, and other fast-growing industries. So, controlling quality and delivering products on time is essential in protecting your business’ reputation and retaining your high-profile clients. Any problems that occur within the supply chain can lead to defects or wasted resources. In some cases, defective print products could even pose a risk to health and safety, if damaged or corrupted during transportation.


How can supply chain software help overcome this challenge?


Investing in supply chain software will allow your business to monitor quality at every stage, alerting you if there are any defects. With real-time data at your fingertips, you’ll always have complete visibility of your supply chain—this ensures that any quality problems that may occur are reported immediately. Also, some supply chain management platforms, like Prosure360, allow suppliers and contractors to upload their qualifications and certifications. This empowers businesses to make an informed choice about who they work with and improve quality across the board.


Transportation and Logistics


Meeting tight deadlines is non-negotiable in the print manufacturing industry. Transportation issues that lead to late deliveries can result in lost opportunities and client dissatisfaction. So, effective logistics and transportation coordination is essential. Without keeping a close eye on the supply chain, there could certainly be logistical errors that impact your business’ daily operations.


How can supply chain software help overcome this challenge?


Supply chain software allows you to identify and manage risks, helping you to build a resilient and robust supply chain. This type of software enables businesses to respond to unexpected changes and  reduce disruptions in the supply chain.





As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) becomes increasingly prevalent in the modern business world, it’s important that your supply chain reflects sustainable practices.

In print manufacturing, this means businesses need to ethically source print materials, manage waste effectively, and minimise energy consumption. Checking that suppliers align with your ethical values and standards can be difficult to do manually, which is why supply chain software acts as the perfect solution.


How can supply chain software help overcome this challenge?


With Prosure360, your business can set ESG parameters when onboarding new suppliers and contractors. This ensures that everyone you work with meets your standards regarding: fair labour practices, anti-corruption, and ESG.


How Prosure360 is the Ultimate Supply Chain Solution


To ensure the growth and sustainability of the commercial print manufacturing industry, addressing supply chain challenges is paramount. Prosure360 emerges as the perfect solution for print manufacturing businesses looking to streamline supply chain management.

Prosure360 equips you with the tools to confidently select qualified suppliers and contractors. Through pre-qualified assessments and bespoke question sets, you’ll be able to build strong relationships with suppliers who meet your specific business requirements.

By choosing our advanced supply chain software, you’ll have total control of your supply chain. Our platform also enables you to actively demonstrate how your suppliers’ manage their processes, policies, and procedures.

It’s evident that in the world of commercial print manufacturing, effective supply chain management is the key to success—so…


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