May 11, 2023


The UK manufacturing industry employs over 2.5 million people, and the UK is the 9th largest manufacturing country in the world.

Supply chain management, where services are outsourced are critical to the daily operations of the manufacturing sector.  Manufacturing companies need to be confident that those outsourced services are delivered by reputable, compliant, and financially stable providers with no negative impact on the business output.

ESG and Net Carbon Zero are now becoming more of a focus to the manufacturing industry: the ability to evidence how this is managed within the supply chain is becoming more and more of a requirement internally and externally of the business.


Health and Safety

The SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) element of a reputable supply chain management platform will give peace of mind, that those service providers deployed on site meet health, safety and compliance requirements.

This information will be all in one place, for key stakeholders to access this information, in real time.



An effective supply chain management platform will be the manufacturing companies’ single source of truth – all information relating to service providers, contractors and suppliers will be available in real time and in one easily accessible location.

The data hosted in a reputable supply chain management platform will ensure that the business has complete line of sight of the financial status of the third party deployed, along with but not limited to documentation relating to insurance, certifications, contracts, supplier rates and professional membership.


ESG, Net Carbon Zero and Flexibility

Reputable Supply Chain Management Platforms will allow flexibility for the manufacturing industry to tailor question sets and assessments relating to the key procurement topics for their specific sector.  This will include ESG and Net Carbon Zero – how is this managed and evidenced in the supply chain, and what visibility does the manufacturing industry have of this? Internal and external key stakeholders will want an understanding of how this is managed, and a flexible supply chain management platform would give the support needed to demonstrate this.



The manufacturing industry is an important part of the UK and Global economy – strong supply chain management is crucial and cannot negatively impact output of the business and or core activities.  Outsourced services need to be managed, with an understanding and visibility of those deployed.  Those third parties must meet the requirements of the manufacturing company, and this needs to be easily evidenced – whether that’s ESG, Net Carbon Zero or Health, Safety and Compliance.


Prosure360 is a cloud-based supply chain management platform, designed to give clients full visibility over the contractors and suppliers they work with, and greater control of the standards required from their supply chain.

Implementing Prosure360 as supply chain management platform will allow the manufacturing industry to:

  • Have complete visibility over their supply chain.
  • Access data on a central platform
  • Information relating to the supply chain in real time.
  • Categorise service providers, suppliers, and contractors.
  • Accessible data for all key stakeholders
  • Set standards relating to health, safety, and compliance.
  • Flexible question sets and assessments relating to ESG and Procurement topics.

To find out more about Prosure360, please contact us.

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