How it works

Prosure360 works with you so you can identify and manage risks using software solutions that help to build resilient and sustainable supply chains. Using a contractor and supplier management system means that you have valuable insights to make sure your safety and ethical standards are being achieved.

For suppliers and contractors, Prosure360 verification means that you can show your clients that you operate to a required market standard and easily demonstrate that you’re in control of supply chain risks.

Verified suppliers will give their clients access to real time data from our wealth of insights, in real time. With Prosure360, clients are able to easily create their own questions to bespoke assessment criteria, providing much more relevant qualifying questions. This provides clients with detailed information on:


Key pre-qualification metrics and evidence

Risk and visibility

Ability to see and manage risks in real time


Insight into wider factors beyond health and safety that include Environmental and Social Value

Prosure360 covers

Health and Safety / Insurances / Finance / Anti-bribery / Modern Slavery / Environment / GDPR / Quality Management / Equality / References

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