Show buyers how good you are to work with.

As a supplier, you need to show that you’re compliant with health & safety, sustainability and ethical standards.

That’s where Prosure360 comes in. But don’t worry: we make it easy.

Here's How it Works:


Register for a free Prosure account.

You can do that here. If you’ve been invited by someone you already work with, you’ll have a unique referral code.

At this point we will ask you what your business does, where you operate, and how buyers can contact you.


You're in Prosure360!

Now, you’ll want to purchase an assessment. Choose one that fits you (you can also check out pricing here). Payments are made by credit card, and we’ll send a receipt for your records.

You’ve also just unlocked Prosure’s member benefits – check them out here.


Upload your documentation.

Once you’ve bought an assessment, it’s time to upload your documentation – things like your health & safety policy and your insurance certificates. Prosure360 will show you exactly what’s needed.

Once it’s uploaded, it goes off to our friendly team of assessors. They’ll review everything and reply within 48 hours.


We'll get in touch about any gaps in your documentation.

If we need anything else, Prosure will let you know – alongside helpful guidance from our human auditors, who are only a phone call away. We love technology, but who wants to speak to a robot when you’re trying to get things done?



Once any snags are sorted,  you’re all set up on Prosure. All the benefits are yours for 12 months. Maybe time to check out those bonus membership benefits?

What now?


New work from buyers you don't know yet.

Prosure360 knows what you do, and that you do it to a high standard. So you might hear from other buyers who want to use your services. Nice! To maximise your chances, and perform higher on search results, you can purchase more advanced assessments.


Qualify for other SSIP schemes, automatically.

You can use your SSIP-verified status to automatically qualify for other SSIP schemes – like CHAS, or SafeContractor.


Renewal is a breeze.

In 12 months, your renewal will be due. But no need to save the date – Prosure will email you when the time comes.  And you won’t need to repeat yourself – Prosure remembers all the basics, making renewal even easier.

Sound good?

Join thousands of other brilliant suppliers and contractors by joining Prosure360 today.