Your entire supply chain, all in one place.

Prosure360 takes the strain out of ensuring your suppliers and contractors are in good shape. Our expert team audits their core health & safety compliance, and Prosure360 tracks other crucial indicators like insurance certificates and financial condition. That means all your supply chain documentation is secure in one place, updated in real time, and accessible from anywhere – allowing you to make faster decisions.

Here’s How it Works:


Ready to take control of your supply chain?

Sign your contract with Prosure360, and we’re off.


Now tell us: what kind of buyer are you, and what kind of suppliers do you want?

Our friendly team will chat you through the options, and together, we will agree on ground rules for your supply chain. Things like: what documentation do you need suppliers and contractors to have in place? What level of insurance do you need them to have? Maybe you’d like them to agree to your shiny new ESG policy? Whatever you need, we’ll set it up.


Share your current suppliers and contractors with Prosure360.

This gives us everything we need to get in touch with them. It won’t be long until you have your entire supply chain, all in one place.


Over to us. We'll reach out to your suppliers and contractors.

All our communications with your business partners will reflect the ground rules we agreed earlier. At this stage, you can get on with your day while the hard work happens in the background.


Log in anytime, anywhere, to see your progress.

As your suppliers pass their assessments, you’ll see it all happen in Prosure360. If we have any problems along the way, we’ll let you know.



You’ve taken control of your supply chain! Well, that was easy.

What now?


You've got your entire supply chain, all in one place.

Now your core supply chain documentation is safe and secure, updated in real time, and accessible from anywhere. It’s the perfect paper trail, whenever you need it.


Need a new supplier or contractor?

We’ve got you covered. Whether you need someone to repair your lifts or demolish a building, finding the perfect partner is easy inside Prosure360.


Enjoy Prosure360 membership benefits, like discounted fuel and accountancy advice.

An added bonus. Suppliers and contractors who have joined your supply chain all get these benefits, and you do too.

Sound good?

Discover the Prosure360 advantage and simplify your sourcing process.