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Strawson Limited is a third generation family farming business specialising in cereal and vegetable production across the UK. The business was founded in 2002 and is run by Mark and Jane Strawson with the help of their children, Harry and Annie.


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Since signing up with Prosure360 almost a year ago we have managed to get contractors approved who have really struggled in the past.

Nick Jenkinson, Health and Safety Manager, Strawsons

My name is Nick Jenkinson and I am the Health and Safety manager at Strawsons.

Strawsons has an agricultural background consisting of both arable and livestock farms, which over the years has moved into commercial and residential lettings nationwide.

We employ a relatively small number of people, but use a wide range of contractors across all aspects of the business, and require all contractors to hold some form of SSIP. Since terminating our contract with our previous  management company and trying to manage contractors in house, we have found it a very challenging process that has been extremely time consuming. We don’t have the man hours to chase contractors for all the relevant information that is required to gain SSIP accreditation.

Strawsons have been looking for a company that could provide SSIP accreditation and were able to commit the hours required to gather information from contractors. After looking at various companies and having a lot of demonstrations we decided to use the services of Prosure 360.

Prosure 360 have a very user friendly dashboard that allows Strawsons to check the status of all contractors on their list. Prosure 360 send out invites to contractors and assist them in suppling and uploading all information required to gain SSIP accreditation through their online portal. Reminders are send for information on a weekly basis until a contractor gains approval allowing myself to concentrate on other priorities.

The questions and information needed to gain approval are straight forward, and uploading information and evidence is easy to do. Prosure are very reasonably priced and offer contractors a range of benefits to be part of their database of contractors.

A large portion of  our contractors employ one or two people at most and  a lot of contractor approval schemes just issue a standard question set that is irrelevant to those smaller contractors. Prosure do ask for the correct information and take into account what each contractor does and issues an appropriate set of questions for the size of business.

Since signing up with Prosure 360 almost a year ago we have managed to get contractors approved who have really struggled in the past or have  been put off by huge fees and  being asked to provide unnecessary information.

Prosure 360 are always at the end of a phone or email and answer any queries promptly.


Nick Jenkinson

Health and Safety Manager