Who are Quality Care Group?

Quality Care Group (QCG) is an insurance company that works with over 2000 care providers across the UK. Founded in 2009, QCG has built a stellar reputation amongst care businesses, rapidly growing as time goes by.

With a strong passion and devotion to the care sector, QCG has developed a unique set of products and services to address their clients pain points.

But how does Quality Care Group support care homes?

Prosure360 QCG

How does Quality Care Group support care homes?

Ultimately, Quality Care Group are driven by their core values, all of which aim to support the care sector:

  • Care: QCG builds strong relationships by providing a service with a personal touch.
  • Personality: QCG is driven by people to create human-centric solutions.
  • Mighty: QCG is proudly independent.
  • Human: QCG truly cares about people and has real conversations that matter.
  • Holistic: QCG is fully immersed in the care sector, determined to offer continual support.

Quality Care Group offers specialist insurance solutions to care homes and domiciliary businesses within the UK. QCG also provides other business solutions and services to the sector, including risk control, business efficiency, recruitment for senior hires, and wealth management.

QCG is the ultimate business solution for the care sector; they can support any care business with any challenge they may have. Quality Care Group offers a personal service, unlike any other, ensuring that all the care businesses they work with are getting everything they need.

Our partnership with Quality Care Group

So, the question remains: why did Quality Care Group partner with Prosure360?

Right now, a major topic within the care sector is Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), which is becoming increasingly important. So, QCG wanted to stay ahead of the curve by getting support for managing ESG across their supply chain.

Prosure360 provides Quality Care Group with a service tailored to their specific needs. With the ability to craft bespoke question sets, QCG will be able to ensure their service providers, suppliers, and contractors are aligned with their ESG and ethical values.

With our pre-qualified assessment, we will help Quality Care Group ensure ESG principles are upheld across the supply chain. Prior to using Prosure360, QCG was trying to find a way to better implement ESG practices, but they struggled to find the right tool to embed ESG into the supply chain.

Prosure360 will have an incredible impact on QCG and their clients. For example, when care homes need to reach out for additional business, they are often challenged on how they manage ESG in their supply chain.

But, with Prosure360, they can collate supplier data they need and share it with key shareholders and potential partners. This will prove that their suppliers, service providers, and contractors align with their ESG principles, offering peace of mind to internal and external stakeholders.

This partnership will help Quality Care Group remain competitive and better support their client base. Care homes are required to meet specific standards, so, from a commercial perspective, care homes need to prove their commitment to ESG.

Prosure360 is utterly unique because we provide a level of customisation that no other verification provider can offer. By manipulating pre-qualification assessments and tailoring bespoke questions to QCG, we can ensure that they only work with service providers who meet their exact requirements.

How is Prosure360 supporting Quality Care Group?

As part of onboarding Quality Care Group, we are carrying out a two-day training session to help the consultants get the most out of Prosure360. This training will cover everything from how Prosure360 works, to how the platform will best support QCG.

We are also providing video training content, specific to their goals and needs; this will show them, step-by-step, what they need to do as the client. This will give the team total confidence in using the software and help them move towards a more digital way of managing the supply chain.

This is how the process will work:


  • Quality Care Group mandates the type of questions set with Prosure360.

  • These questions will then be checked and approved by the care homes.

  • QCG’s service providers will then complete these question sets.


Once the service providers complete the pre-qualified question sets, QCG and the care homes can access the relevant data and share it with key stakeholders. Essentially, this means that ESG will be well embedded throughout the entire supply chain.

In the past, the care sector has often been very paper-based. So, Prosure360 offers the perfect solution, bringing the digital transformation needed to help QCG thrive. In the long run, our SCM software will make it much easier for Quality Care Group to share data, store data, and drive efficiencies.

What is Marlowe GRC and how is it involved in the QCG partnership?

Marlowe Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) offers consulting and software solutions to mitigate business risk and ensure legally compliant governance standards. Under Marlowe, we help our clients reduce risk, assure regulatory compliance, and achieve total peace of mind.

On the HR and employment law side of GRC, we provide personalised support services, ensuring our clients are compliant with the latest employment law, HR, and health & safety legislation. Within this division is Worknest, an employment law service that provides SRA-regulated legal advice along with ER case management technology and online resources.

Prosure360’s partnership with Quality Care Group could not have happened without Howard Trafford, Partnerships Director at Worknest. Worknest introduced us to Quality Care Group and facilitated this revolutionary partnership—we are looking forward to watching QCG thrive.

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