Everything a potential client needs to put complete trust in you.

As a service provider, you need to let potential clients know exactly just how great of a partner you are to work with. Prosure360 lets you add all the necessary information about your business, including contact details, third-party certifications, insurances and professional assessments.

Simpler Health and Safety Assessment.

Prosure360 makes the process of health and safety verification as simple as possible. Our easy-to-use, online portal tracks all the data your clients need, simplifying the demands on you. Through real-time updates and quick access to important data, you can manage risks and consider any vulnerabilities to minimise disruptions seamlessly, all in one place.


Let your clients know you’re compliant.

With our verification, you can demonstrate to your existing and potential clients that you meet the highest standards in health and safety, quality and ethical best practices. Through Prosure360, you’re given complete and utter peace of mind that you’re fully compliant with legal requirements. Raise the profile of your business, without the hassle.

More time and money for the things that matter.

We know how valuable your time is. By offering full visibility of everything your clients need, Prosure360 means you save time, money and dramatically reduce your admin time. No more time wasted on inconsistent processes for onboarding and managing clients or repeating requests. Instead, you can focus on the bigger things.


Your Benefits with Prosure360


10% discount and access to three free training courses.

William Martin

Preferential rates for assessments, training and compliance systems.


A 10% discount to Worknest and free access to H&S, HR and employment law knowledge hubs.

Fleetmaxx Solutions

Free fuel cards with savings on fuel and £25 credited to your fuel card account.


10% Discount at Fortus and a free one hour consultation for professional accounting advice.

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