Prosure360 Integration with Elogs CAFM Platform


We’ve partnered with Elogs to elevate the visibility of your supply chain, combining two of the very best compliance systems.

We know how important it is to ensure your business’s change of management processes work and that the suppliers they onboard are scrutinised as they should be. How robust is the information that is collected and managed during the onboarding process that enables you to make that decision?

Our two integrated platforms share real-time, live data on Insurance, SSIP qualification, Pre Qualified Assessments, Financial Health Whilst working together to allow you to make an informed choice when onboarding, mobilising and deploying your supply chain.

Our industry-disrupting, completely flexible, robust, comprehensive single source of truth pushes information into a CAFM. Speed up the process by making more informed choices based on your parameters through an integrated system.

By setting your supply chain standards in Prosure360, you’ll at a glance be able to see a traffic light report of your supply chain, showing if your contractors and suppliers meet your standards.

With our integration, the same traffic information is available directly within the Elogs CAFM platform.

Watch our video to understand how these two systems work seamlessly together, for you.




To find out more about Prosure360 and its integration with Elogs, please contact Matt Bown.