Retail Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a critical aspect of running a successful retail company. It involves the coordination and management of all activities involved in the delivery of products to customers and the customer experience in store. For the retail sector this includes everything from monitoring the suppliers of products to make sure they work to your standards, to ensuring that the stores and distribution centres are properly maintained and cleaned by contractors meeting your requirements.

Health & Safety Compliance

The H&S (SSIP) element of SCM is crucial for retailers as the contractors will be in customer facing environments. Retailers want to work with approved and trusted contractors that can prove they have the relevant H&S processes and procedures in place to work safely when on client premises.


A flexible supply chain management platform will allow the retail company to implement all the standards that are important to them – to ensure their supply chain meet the requirements of the retailer, safeguard business reputation and create alignment with the service provider and retailer.

This might be the industry standard SSIP, standard pre-qualification questions, or a bespoke question sets that is important to the retailer.

A flexible SCM platform will provide a single source of truth when it comes to supply chain compliance.


An effective supply chain management platform can help retail companies to manage service providers. This helps to ensure that the company always has the most compliant and effective service providers on hand to meet the needs of its customers and colleagues.

An effective SCM platform also allows retail companies to monitor and track the performance of their service providers, which helps to ensure that they are getting the best quality service.


A reputable supply chain management platform allows retail companies to work with service providers that have demonstrated compliance resulting in quality service. This helps to protect the reputation of the company and ensure that customers have a positive experience. A reputable SCM platform also ensures that all service providers selected meet a pre-determined set of standards based on requirements.

In conclusion, a supply chain management platform is an essential aspect of running a successful retail company.

Prosure360 can aid retail companies in several ways, specifically when it comes to service providers.

The retail clients Prosure360 partner with use our platform since it provides the security and reassurance they need to make sure their service providers have been approved to their desired level.

Implementing an effective SCM platform like Prosure360 can help retail companies to;

  • improve their operation and give them full visibility over their supply chain
  • provide a better experience for their customers
  • Safeguard their reputation
  • Deliver real time data

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