The Combined Power of Prosure360 and Elogs Facilities Services

July 10, 2024

Prosure360 is a supply chain management platform that gives you total visibility of your suppliers and contractors. We empower our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their supply chain by providing a traffic light report. Elogs Facilities Services ensures that businesses’ fabric maintenance requirements are managed swiftly, cost-effectively, and to the highest quality.

Elogs Facilities Services and Prosure360 work under the same SRC umbrella, so the professional relationship works extremely well. The teams are well integrated with one another, meaning that communication is simple and effective. Essentially, Prosure360 is a vital part of what Elogs Facilities Services do because it helps them to vet and assess their suppliers and contractors, ensuring that they meet the industry standards in health and safety, insurances, trade qualifications, and more.

“Prosure360 and Elogs Facilities Services go hand-in-hand because it helps us prove we’re assessing contractors correctly. It’s a massive selling point for clients” – Barry Jewitt, Supply Chain Manager, Elogs Facilities Services

In this case study, we’ll uncover the powerhouse that is Prosure360 and Elogs Facilities Services and how they can benefit our clients as a well-oiled machine.

Elogs Facilities Services works so well with Prosure360 because it provides exactly what is needed to ensure the smooth running of their fabric maintenance services. If there is an ever an issue with a contractor or supplier, Prosure360 flag it straight away, reducing risk and ensuring quality. Ultimately, Prosure360 reduces the administrative burden of managing suppliers and contractors.

It saves time by taking care of the initial chasing and reminding of contractors who need to renew their assessments or upload documents, and by sending them regular emails and prompts.

Discover the key benefits of Prosure360 and Elogs Facilities Services by downloading our case study.

Download the Case Study

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