What is Prosure360?

With supply chains becoming more complex and an increasing focus on achieving high standards and ethical best practices, Prosure360 provides supply chain visibility to easily manage suppliers and contractors, and minimise the impact of vulnerabilities and disruptions. It also helps contractors gain the verifications they need to demonstrate their adherence to health and safety, compliance, relevant legislation and quality standards.

Providing transparency in your supply chain

As a business, when you’re looking to select suppliers for work, you need to be sure that they can do the job safely and without risks. At the same time, increasing legal requirements and expectations from stakeholders mean that you need to show that you’re managing your business responsibly.

Prosure360 gives you have all the insights and data you need to make an informed decision on which suppliers to work with. It allows you to easily track, manage and capture data and, with this technology-led approach, you control your own selection and approval criteria as well as streamlining your processes to increase efficiency.

Demonstrating credibility and ethical best practice

For suppliers and contractors, Prosure360 helps to demonstrate that you’re compliant with all the latest relevant legislation and keep you ahead of the competition. Importantly, with an increasing number of businesses looking to mitigate risks beyond health and safety, you also need to show that you run your business ethically.

Through verification, you can confidently show your customers that you’re in control of operational risks across the supply chain and operate to the highest standards in health and safety, quality, ethical best practices, and responsible growth. You can also save up to £1,500 from our range of membership benefits.