A guide to ESG for small businesses

Every organisation, no matter their size, influences their local community and the wider environment.

Of course, for multinational organisations, this impact is extensive and far-reaching, but the impact for small and medium sized businesses should not be overlooked or dismissed. In the UK there are an estimated 5.5 million SMEs which account for 99.9% of the business population.

Together, these businesses have a substantial effect on where they operate and how they operate impacts all those connected to them.

Prosure360 is more than a verification, it is a community where trusted suppliers can be found, all committed to upholding the highest standards. That’s why we created a guide for SMEs on ESG, making it more accessible and relevant for our customers and others who are interested. It explains more about ESG, why it is important and how to build a tailored strategy.

Download your guide to ESG for SME’s here.