How Can Prosure360 Support International Requirements

June 6, 2024

Finding compliant suppliers with the right skills and qualifications can be challenging. That’s why SCM software (Supply Chain Management Software) is such an important tool for businesses and suppliers. However, most supplier management systems don’t support international requirements. That’s what makes Prosure360 stand out from the crowd.

What is Prosure360?

Prosure360 is a cloud-based supply chain management software designed to give you full visibility of your contractors and suppliers. Our advanced platform allows you to store all your core supply chain documentation in one place. This means you can keep track of and report on goals relating to ESG, supplier performance, and more.

Unlike many of our competitors, we built Prosure360 ourselves. As owners of this intelligent software, Prosure360 offers a level of customisation that no one else can match. With bespoke questions and pre-qualified assessments, the platform can be tailored to each client’s exact needs. With an incredible tech team behind us, we are always improving the software, ensuring it evolves to meet ever-changing client needs.

What are Prosure360’s international capabilities?

What sets us apart from the crowd is our ability to cater to clients based in and outside the EU. We can create question sets applicable to specific countries, supporting clients and service providers that operate internationally.

In Prosure360, we use a red flag alert system, giving your suppliers a risk score of gold, silver, or bronze. This allows you to see your service providers’ financial health and status. This empowers you to make an educated choice about whether to work with them or not.

To find out everything you need to know about how Prosure360 can support your international supply chain requirements, Download our PDF Guide!


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