How Contractor Management Software Benefits Service Providers

Contractor management software can be very useful to businesses that are trying to find the right suppliers and contractors—but what about the benefits for suppliers and contractors?

For suppliers and contractors, getting listed on a reputable supplier management software platform, like Prosure360 can be transformative. From generating more work to building an exceptional reputation, Prosure360 can support suppliers, contractors, and service providers.

Prosure360 helps suppliers evidence their health and safety practices, become verified, remain compliant, and win new work. So, what’s holding you back? If you’re a supplier looking to expand and grow your business, Prosure360 is the only answer.

Evidence Health and Safety Credentials

Being able to evidence your health and safety credentials is essential as a supplier, contractor, or service provider. Not only does this demonstrate professionalism to your clients, but it also helps you remain compliant.

By becoming verified and being listed on a SCM software platform, like Prosure360, your business demonstrates that it is serious about health and safety, as well as providing tangible evidence for clients and prospects.

With Prosure360, it’s easy to show your clients that you’re committed to health and safety because you can also proudly display the Prosure360 verified logo on your letterheads, publicity, and vehicles. What better way to prove your worth to potential customers?

Become Verified

Attaining the SSIP certification is also a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. With almost 82,000 suppliers registered with SSIP Member Scheme, SSIP aims to improve occupational health and safety across the board.

Once approved by Prosure360, your certificate can be recognised by other SSIP member schemes as adequate proof of meeting the Stage 1 Core Criteria. So, getting verified is an important step towards growing your client base.

SSIP and Pre-Qualified Assessments are assessed by qualified auditors, which adds even more credibility to the verification.  As with any verification or accreditation, there is a fee associated with attaining an SSIP verification, and the associated certificate is valid for 12 months.


However, the SSIP verification is worth every penny for suppliers and contractors as it helps them bring in more work and demonstrate their commitment to health and safety. Service providers, suppliers, and contractors can use the SSIP certificate to demonstrate a genuine commitment to health and safety; it acts as concrete proof to external parties that you are qualified, trustworthy, and compliant. Given that SSIP is verified by qualified professionals, it’s an extremely credible achievement.

Prosure360 provides SSIP assessments, which we’ve now extended to include Republic of Ireland Duty Holder Categories, including:

  • SSIP Approved IE.
  • SSIP Approved IE Contractor.
  • SSIP Approved IE Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS).

Only a handful of SSIP approved providers can offer this, so Prosure360 is unique because it can deliver the SSIP, specific to the IE market.

In today’s economic climate, becoming SSIP certified may be necessary for retaining your current clients. Requirements and standards are changing all the time, so businesses are looking to protect their own interests. Ultimately, this means if you’re not up to the mark, your clients will find another organisation that is.

Remain Compliant

Proving that you are compliant helps suppliers enhance their reputation and avoid legal pitfalls or repercussions. A compliant supplier is committed to removing single points of failure and carrying out all work according to the book; this helps to build strong relationships with clients and foster a culture of safety.

With the SSIP certification, contractors or contractor businesses can showcase their compliance with the SSIP Core Criteria, which is aligned with PAS 91. Demonstrating compliance through these certifications helps to mitigate risk and drive efficiency across your business.

ESG compliance is also becoming increasingly important for the modern business. As a service provider, you need a way to demonstrate your commitment to ESG values, as well as other ethical practices to win more work.

That’s why Prosure360’s pre-qualified assessments give you the perfect opportunity to prove that you are ESG compliant; To master ESG and ISO compliance, sign up for our free webinar, led by industry experts.

At the end of the day, your clients just need to know that you’re reliable, qualified, and suited to meet their specific business requirements.

Win More Work

Becoming Prosure360 verified means that service providers can win more tenders, bids, and sales.

As a service provider who is Prosure360 verified, you can attract clients, because you’ll have proven your ability to mitigate risk and practice good health and safety.

If you’re a business that wants to grow and expand, it will be difficult to do so without the right certifications. Becoming Prosure360 verified helps you stand out, giving you a better chance of bringing on new clients. Think of it from the client’s perspective: if you had to decide between a verified supplier and a non-verified supplier, who would you choose?

With Prosure360 on your side, you will attract and retain clients more easily than those who aren’t, so it’s a smart move. Our SCM software empowers service providers to evidence their credentials, prove compliance, show off performance and quality, and grow their business.

How can suppliers benefit from becoming a Prosure360 member?

As a Prosure360 member, we can offer you:

Optima Health has recently been added to our membership benefits list; they are designed to support your workforce to thrive with occupational health expertise on-demand.

Prosure360 can also provide a pre-qualified assessment, set around the SSIP core criteria. These are a set of questions that have been developed to reduce the need for suppliers and contractors to answer lots of different questionnaires for each client they work with. They represent a common minimum standard that is recommended by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

These questions are designed to help suppliers understand the key information they need to build long-lasting client relationships.  In the pre-qualified assessments, we cover topics, including:

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM).
  • Quality Management.
  • References.
  • Finance.
  • Business and Professional Standing.
  • Equality, Diversity & People.
  • Environmental Management.
  • Business Continuity & Data Protection.

The assessment is reviewed and processed via a Prosure360 auditor to review the questions answered and the supporting information submitted.

In Prosure360, we also give suppliers and contractors a risk score of gold, silver, bronze, or amber. Gold suppliers are extremely low risk, meaning they are reliable and qualified.  This enables suppliers and contractors to prove their worth to potential clients.

If you’re ready to skyrocket your business, become a Prosure360 member today and get in touch!