Paving the Path to Success with Saltdean United Women FC

April 9, 2024

At Prosure360, our core ethos revolves around the power of people, as well as technological innovation. While our organisation operates within the digital realm, our fundamental purpose is to empower individuals by crafting solutions that streamline complex processes and alleviate unnecessary burdens. That’s why last year, we were thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the first team and the Development Squad (DS) for Saltdean United Women FC.

This incredible club have gone from strength to strength over the past season and we’re delighted to be part of such an inspiring and heartwarming journey.

It’s lovely to have Prosure360 on our team shirts, showing us support and being part of our journey at Saltdean.

—Joe McTiffen, Director of Football, Saltdean United

Out of the twenty games they’ve played, the DS team have won nineteen, having only lost one league game across the entire season. Not only did the team achieve their initial goal when they reached the League Cup Semi-Final, but they also went onto win the league by at least 9 points. With high expectations and motivational leaders, the DS team give their all to every game— and from the results they’ve seen this season, their hard work has clearly paid off…

Given how well the DS squad are performing, you can only imagine what a brilliant season the first team have had. The first team are currently one tier below the National League, meaning they are in tier 5 of the women’s football pyramid. With the high calibre of players in the team, they have been playing against big teams such as Millwall, Dartford, and Dulwich.

The short term aim for the first team is to progress into the Women’s National League at tier 4 which would be a huge step for the team and the club. Maybe in a few years, they’ll even be able to go after the FA cup! Both the first team and DS have had a fantastic season, and out of the five finals, Saltdean United Women FC are in four of them. It might be time to purchase a new trophy cabinet!

To find out more about the progress of Saltdean United Women FC DOWNLOAD THE PDF!


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