Supply Chain Management Platform

Supply Chain Management Platform

Prosure360 is a flexible cloud-based Supply Chain Management Platform, giving clients real time data on their suppliers and contractors. The data can include insurance certificates, financial health, supplier and or contractor contracts, must read documents relating to a site or the client’s business, professional memberships, and certifications. This information gained from the supply chain is based on the clients’ requirements and their standards set. Prosure360 works with the client to ensure that they have the information they need.

Having this data in one place creates a single source of truth for all key stakeholders that need to be aware of the status of suppliers and contractors that their business has a working relationship this or choose to have a working relationship with. It will allow informed choices to be made when choosing a partner to work with and mitigate risk in the supply chain.

Prosure360 is aware and fully understands that client and supply chain relationships are important – many clients rely on their suppliers and contractors to deliver business critical services. Prosure360 has this as a focus, ensuring that those relationships are respected and developed – providing suppliers and contractors with the ability to demonstrate their commitment to health and safety, along with key subjects including but not limited to ESG, Equality and Quality.



To support clients to have full visibility of their supply chain, Prosure360 provide three assessments for the supply chain to complete and the option of Bespoke Questions, where very specific data is required.

Prosure360 is a flexible supply chain management platform, designed to meet the needs of the client – the assessments that a supplier or contractor are to complete are chosen by the client to ensure they have all the necessary data required. Documentation required is set by the client – continuing to ensure that they have the information they require as a business.


SSIP – Safety Schemes in Procurement

What is SSIP?
SSIP stands for Safety Schemes in Procurement and was launched in 2009. The umbrella scheme is the mutually recognised standard across the UK for occupational health and safety standards. Having this standard in place helps to reduce assessment costs and bureaucracy, ensuring all industries are working to the same standard.

Obtaining SSIP verification demonstrates to any buyer that you are competent in health and safety practices and procedures and that you are someone that it is safe to work with.

SSIP Assessment
The SSIP assessment covers a core criteria, aligned with PAS 91. Within each core criteria heading, there will be relevant questions relating to the topic. Each question will need to be completed by the supplier or contractor.
SSIP verification criteria include:

  • Health & Safety Policy and Arrangement
  • Competent advice, Training and Qualifications
  • Monitoring, Auditing and Workforce Involvement
  • Accident Reporting and Action
  • Sub-Contracting
  • Risk Assessments and Welfare Provision
  • Co-operating with Others

DTS – Deem to Satisfy
For those who hold verification from another SSIP verification we can use this to shorten the verification process. This is known as a Deem to Satisfy SSIP (DtS). Only minimal questions are required to achieve Prosure360 verification, making the process easier for you to complete.

Pre- Qualified Assessments
Pre-Qualified refers to pre-qualification questions. These are a set of questions that have been developed to reduce the need for suppliers to answer lots of different questionnaires for each client they work with. These questions represent a common minimum standard that is recommended by the British Standards Institute (BSI). They are designed to help suppliers know key information they need and help buyers find suppliers they can trust.

Topic areas covered include:

  • Finance
  • Business & Professional Standing
  • Equality, Diversity & People
  • Environmental Management
  • Quality Management
  • Business Continuity & Data Protection
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • References

Bespoke Questions
Prosure360 understands that clients due to their sector or legislation specific to their industry will need further information than what the assessments and the platform will collate. Prosure360 can provide clients with bespoke questions. Working with the client and understanding their needs, we can take those questions, build into the Prosure360 platform, and set this as a requirement that all associated contractors and suppliers (where applicable) must complete the question set. This further enhances the client’s knowledge of their suppliers and contractors, giving complete visibility relating to key topics and or subject matter.


Reviewing Assessments

All assessments, when completed and submitted through the Prosure360 platform are reviewed by an internal Auditor – reviewing the supporting documentation and assessment answers. This process provides assurance that all documentation is reviewed and assessed by a qualified individual, enhancing the due diligence process for the client. The Auditor will also work with the supplier or contractor, to support them through the process of completing the assessments that the client requires. All a full audit trail is in place throughout the lifecycle of completing the assessment.


To find out more about Prosure360, please contact Lisa Saunders.