The Story of Prosure360: A Journey to Excellence

May 9, 2024

Where did the idea for Prosure360 come from?

“We really wanted to disrupt the industry and shake things up a little bit” 

— Rob Mead, Managing Director, Prosure360 and Elogs

Prosure360 started out as an idea between Rob Mead, our managing director, and Beatriz Shorrock, the CEO of the Software, Risk, and Compliance (SRC) group that we are now part of. With both of our fearless leaders having a breadth of experience and industry knowledge, they could see the benefit of a supply chain management (SCM) system.

One of the key issues that we wanted to solve was to provide a platform that would make it easy to share data between multiple systems. Without a simple way to do this, it could be a real hassle for clients to get hold of the right data, and more importantly, share it with the right people.

So, with Rob Mead leading the way, we decided we wanted to create an ecosystem where we could share data between different systems and make clients’ lives easier and stress-free. Although there were other systems out there that could do this, we believed we could do things differently and make a significant change in the industry.

By building our own tech, we realised we could be a more agile and flexible, allowing us to disrupt from the norms of the industry. Given that data sharing was such a key part of what we were trying to do, it was crucial that Prosure360 was designed to integrate with other management systems such as Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk and Meridian, our risk management software.

“In terms of creating an eco-system, we already had Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk and Meridian, so we were halfway there.”

The goal with Prosure360 was to make people’s lives easier by providing a single source of truth that would house all your necessary supply chain information and documentation, such as certifications, verifications, and assurances.


Why is Prosure360’s technology different?

“Above everything, we prioritise our technology first, ensuring functionality, ease-of-use, and innovation” — Rob Mead, Managing Director, Prosure360 and Elogs

Many of our competitors have been around for a long time and are relatively old school in the way that they do things. So, we felt there was an opportunity to create a brand-new platform that stood out from the crowd.  

A lot of other big schemes will just offer SSIP assessments or a very narrow range of assessments that are set in stone. Whereas we wanted Prosure360 to provide a level of customisation unlike any other platform.  

That’s why, as well as providing SSIP assessments, we also enable you to set bespoke questions. This gives our clients all the background knowledge they need to make an informed choice about which suppliers and contractors to work with.

“We wanted to build a software that goes beyond the ‘tick-box’ approach, giving our clients the standard qualifications as well as bespoke assessments and questions.”

— Rob Mead, Managing Director, Prosure360 and Elogs

Often, one of the problems with other SCM platforms is that you still need to track whether service provider verifications are up to date. This can make the process of managing your suppliers and contractors very manual, taking up time and effort. With Prosure360, we wanted to be able to offer the standard verifications, but also provide questions and assessments tailored to each client.

“We wanted to create a single source of truth. No matter what you want to ask your supply chain about, you can configure the Prosure360 platform to your specific requirements.”

— Rob Mead, Managing Director, Prosure360 and Elogs


What is the ultimate result of using Prosure360 for clients?

“With Prosure360, you have everything in one place, simplifying supply chain management.”

— Rob Mead, Managing Director, Prosure360 and Elogs

We understand the challenges organisations face when common data is required across multiple systems, leading to duplication, delay, and error. At Prosure360, we have integrated our supply chain management system with our risk management software, Meridian, as well as Elogs CAFM system.

In doing this, we have combined three of the very best compliance systems, designed to make life easier for our clients. By integrating these three unique systems, we aim to give you unrivalled transparency and unparalleled control. A big differentiator for Prosure360 is our integrations and ability to share data between multiple systems—that’s what makes life easier for our clients.

It’s also important to note that we partner with Red Flag Alert, giving your UK or International service providers a financial risk score of gold, silver, or bronze. Gold suppliers are extremely low risk, meaning they are reliable and qualified. Bronze suppliers are relatively high risk and may not be the best fit for your business.

With Prosure360, our team and assessors go above and beyond to help clients ensure that everything is taken care of. Ultimately, our platform takes reduces the burden of managing the supply chain and helps you save time and resources.

With real time data at your fingertips, you can easily monitor the overall performance of your supply chain.  Regardless of what type of service providers you’re using and no matter what supply chain information you may need to gather, you can do it all in one place, accurately in real-time.

How does Prosure360 support international requirements?

There are currently over 1700 service providers on the Prosure360 platform, based both in the UK and outside. With service providers in more than eight different countries, we can cater to clients with international operations.

We can create question sets applicable to specific countries, supporting clients and service providers that operate internationally. Prosure360 also provides SSIP assessments, which we’ve now extended to include Republic of Ireland Duty Holder Categories, including:

  • SSIP Approved IE.
  • SSIP Approved IE Contractor.
  • SSIP Approved IE Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS).

This means that our clients who have operations in Ireland can have specific SSIP for that operational base, giving them clear visibility between UK and Ireland based service providers.

For our clients, we act as a single source of truth for all UK and non-UK service providers, suppliers, and contractors. This removes the need for multiple software solutions because Prosure360 allows you to log in to one system no matter what country you are operating in. Ultimately, all UK and non-UK clients can access the Prosure360 platform to manage suppliers, contractors, and service providers.

Why does it matter that we built and own our technology?

Unlike others and with our incredible tech team, we built Prosure360 ourselves. As owners of this intelligent software, we’re able to take on client feedback and put it into action, always improving and evolving our software.

Since our tech development team is all in house, we add new features and functions to the platform based on feedback from our clients. This means that our clients play a huge role in contributing to where our software is going.” — Rob Mead, Managing Director, Prosure360 and Elogs

Another unique part of Prosure360 is that we have complete control over the evolution of the tech which is why we add new features into the platform every two weeks. We are always striving for continuous improvement and advancement of our technology. Ultimately, we want Prosure360 to be tailored to each individual business so that their specific supply chain needs are met.

What are the main goals of Prosure360?

At the end of the day, we’re extremely proud of how far we’ve come over the past couple of years. We’ve built an incredible client base and, many of whom have seen and experienced the benefits of our platform.

“As we move forward, we want to continue to grow. We want to carry on partnering with other big organisations, as well as doing more both in the UK, and across the globe.”

— Rob Mead, Managing Director, Prosure360 and Elogs


We want Prosure360 to become a tool that is utilised all year round, for clients and service providers. From a supplier and contractor perspective, we hope that Prosure360 is viewed as a real opportunity for business growth and expansion.

It has been an awe-inspiring journey for Prosure360 so far and, going forward, we will continue driving innovation and disrupting the industry.  

If you’re ready to unlock the true power of Prosure360, book a demo today!

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