Why does contractor management matter in achieving ISO45001?

If you’re working in the property management industry, you’ve probably heard of ISO45001.

Many organisations in this sector are currently working towards the ISO45001 certification which offers a wealth of business benefits.

Not only will ISO45001 help you attract and retain stakeholders, but it also positions you as an industry leader.

However, nothing worth having comes easy—to achieve ISO45001, you need to meet all the requirements…

One of the key areas in the standard focuses on contractor management; this highlights the need for your business to demonstrate your contractor management process.

Without a streamlined contractor management process in place, you risk losing out on getting your ISO45001 certification.

In this article, we’ll explore what ISO45001 is, the benefits of getting certified, why you need a contractor management system, and how Prosure360 can simplify this process. Our key topics include:


What is ISO45001?


ISO45001 is an international standard for occupational health and safety, set by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

This health and safety standard was published in March 2018 with the intention of improving levels of safety in the workplace.

Companies can use this standard as a framework to reduce risks to the physical and mental health of their employees.


How can you get ISO45001 certified?


If you’re hoping to get your business ISO45001 certified, you can receive it from the International Standards Organization after being approved by an accredited third-party auditor.

However, before you undergo an audit, there are a few steps you’ll need to take first, including:


Get a better understanding of ISO45001.

Before taking any immediate action, it’s a good idea to get to grips with the standard. Read as much material as you can on ISO45001 and try to get a better understanding of what the requirements are for achieving this certification.


Put an ISO45001 management system in place.

Prior to becoming ISO45001 compliant, you’ll need to develop a comprehensive plan for implementing ISO45001. If you’re unsure of where to start, it may be a good idea to hire a consultant who can work with you to ensure your current processes meet the ISO requirements.


Get an audit from a certification body auditor.

Once you have started implementing ISO45001, schedule an audit which will analyse your processes and systems and determine whether you meet all the requirements; if successful, you’ll be approved for the ISO45001 certification.


What are the benefits of getting ISO45001 certified?


Although all businesses are required to keep their workplaces safe, it isn’t currently mandatory for organisations to become ISO45001 certified.


However, there are many benefits to achieving this accreditation which may inspire a company to get certified. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Boosting your occupational health and safety rating.
  • Attracting and retaining key stakeholders.
  • Improving overall staff health and safety.
  • Establishing your business as leaders of industry.
  • Building trust with clients and business partners.
  • Lowering your insurance premiums.
  • Reducing staff absenteeism.

There are many ways that your business could benefit the ISO45001 certification, which is why you need to understand the importance of contractor management in achieving this standard.


Why is ISO45001 important in property management?


Although ISO45001 is an important accreditation for many businesses, it is essential for successful property management companies.

Whilst managing a large property portfolio, ensuring the health and safety of all your properties is vital; not only is this certification necessary for keeping your tenants safe, but also in demonstrating your compliance to investors and stakeholders.

Achieving the ISO45001 certification should be a key goal for every property management business.


Why is contractor management important in achieving ISO45001?


The way that your business manages contractors plays a major role is achieving the ISO45001 certification.

Throughout the ISO45001 standard, managing contractors and suppliers is mentioned numerous times, requiring organisations to have a contractor management process in place. Businesses need to be able to demonstrate this to an ISO auditor to support the achievement of the accreditation.



This involves having a system in place to check the qualifications and certifications of contractors to minimise risks and promote health and safety.

If you are hoping to achieve the ISO45001 accreditation, you need to have a scalable contractor management process in place which must be clearly communicated and easily accessible to all relevant parties.

Without a management process in place, this will delay, if not entirely prevent you, from achieving ISO45001.


What tools can be used to make contractor management easier?


There are various tools which can be used to simplify the contractor management process. Some businesses opt for something simple like a spreadsheet where they keep track of all their contractors’ information.

This would include all your contractors’ qualifications and certificates so that you can keep track of who meets your specific needs as well as who complies with health and safety standards.

The problem with spreadsheets is that they don’t use real time data, meaning you won’t have the latest information regarding your contractors.

Spreadsheets can also be time consuming as they require you to input data manually. That’s why many businesses opt for a contractor management system which enables you to store all your documentation in one place.


With regards to ISO45001, this type of software is the perfect way to demonstrate your contractor management process.

In a recent poll we conducted, we found that 64% of respondents would opt for a supply chain management system to achieve ISO45001 instead of spreadsheets or other software.

This just goes to show the true importance of contractor management software with regards to achieving ISO45001.


How can Prosure360 make it easier to achieve ISO45001?


Prosure360 is a supplier and contractor management tool which simplifies the contractor management process. 

Our system gives you real time data, allowing you full visibility over the contractors and suppliers you work with.

Contractors and suppliers can engage with the system, uploading key documents and populating it with information about their business and activities. This gives you everything you need to make an informed choice about who you work with.

Prosure360 is an intuitive and user-friendly platform which ensures you have all your core supply chain documentation in one place. This means you can keep track of and report on goals relating to supply chain management, net zero emissions and ESG.

With Prosure360, you can actively manage:

        • Professional memberships, certificates, and accreditations.
        • Financial health.
        • Geographical areas covered by the supplier and or contractors.
        • Services provided by the supplier and or contractors.
        • Contracts / schedules of rates.

With our industry-disrupting software, you can save time, cut costs, and maximise efficiency by having a fountain of knowledge about your suppliers and contractors at your fingertips.

If you’re working towards your ISO45001 accreditation, Prosure360 will assure your ISO auditor that your contractor management process is slick and effective.

Don’t miss out on a chance to achieve ISO45001—take control of your contractors with Prosure360!


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